Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rock-and-Roll Kinda week...

Ok... here goes... I haven't been feeling good for over a week. We all know I have health "issues"... and we know that I really hate to go to the doctor. DH made an appointment to see my primary care physician on Tuesday to see about my "issues." I was having trouble breathing, having chest pain and pressure, dizziness and fatigue. I cannot carry anything upstairs... without having to rest. On Monday at work, I sounded like I was talking underwater. So, DH made the appointment... and I went.

While I was in the doctor's office, he observed my having one of those episodes... and call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Once there, I stayed in the ER for about 2 hours and was then admitted. While there, I had another echo cardiogram and then had the "distinct joy" of having heart catheterization. Long story short... (I have aortic stenosis that has passed the 5 year mark) The cardiologist didn't see any blockages and that my aortic valve has dilated some, but that as a cardiac patient, I was is very good health... giving me a cardiac clearance.

I will still need to go see my primary care doctor, and I will have to go see my general surgeon to have another endoscope done. And I am thinking I need to see my endocrinologist as it could possibly be that my Vitamin D levels are too low and can cause some of the issues I am having. So... I still don't know too much other than my heart is ok... (which really is a huge deal!) So... I'm off to have a light snack and a nap... able to rest with the knowledge that even if my chest feels like it will explode, it's not my heart!

Thanks for reading....  and be blessed!

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Jan said...

Take care of yourself. Glad to see you're blogging!