Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

That seems to be the theme for our lives this month. There are many things that make us wait... and many things that we wait for... and I am trying with great determination to keep from being impatient while we wait for answers on some things and decide when to move on some other things.

On the lighter side of life... we attended my company holiday party... and had a hilariously good time. We also attended a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends... literally going over the river and through the woods... along with snow (2 1/2 inches of snow in 2 hours) and then ice. We stayed until the storm had passed over our area and traveling home was quite easy.

We've put up our tree and have strung lights up... I still need to finish getting things decorated. It mostly depends on my touchy gall bladder and how good I feel at any given moment. Both dogs have had baths and Punky has been groomed, looking very much like the show dog she is... she takes my breath away with how cute and fluffy she is... such a little charmer. And Nolli-dog, he knew what I was up to... and he was quite agreeable to let me give him a shower and later as DH helped me, use the blow dryer on him to get him dry.

We've had a few laughs and giggles along the way... the best one being from my niece who was making her first turkey. She had gotten up at 5am (pacific time) to get the bird in the oven and didn't know who to call when she couldn't find the giblets. I finally heard my phone beep as I walked into the bedroom and saw that I missed a call. I called back and explained that a turkey has 2 cavities on it... and sure enough, I received a text message that they had been found. The bird had only been in the oven 2 hours by then.

So... here I am... back on the Internet... and I will play it by ear for now. DH has plans and he bought me a new net book for my birthday. I'm not totally sold on it yet... I may give it to him and continue to use my desk top at home and use my laptop when I travel or need to be somewhere other than my living room. I'm not really sold on using my laptop at work since I'm on a computer all day anyway... and I don't really have desk space to use it at lunch and wouldn't want to take into the lunch room anyway.

It's been wonderful to have 4 days off... a rare occurrence that won't happen again for quite some time. I do love being at home but there are a few things that I need extra money for... things I want to add to the house that could break a budget if I didn't work.

That's all I've got for now... Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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