Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life... This and That...!

This week has been a syringe filled, pill stuffing week for Punky and Nolli. They have yet to have any dog treats and only yesterday had kibble mixed with the rice and beef mixture they have had for dinner all week. Today after coming in from a walk... Nolli kept sliding across the kitchen floor. He has spaniel blood lines and gets quite furry under his feet... it had gotten to be a little too long, so we headed to the groomers to get doggie pedicures for both Nolli and Punky. It is always an interesting trip to the shop as Nolli is so social and wants to meet every person and every dog. Pumpkin, on the other hand, prefers to be held in my arms and really doesn't want to have any interaction with any dogs... people can scare her as well... but big dogs freak her out.Now that we are back home, Nolli is quite pleased to have had an outing and some pampering. Punky is in her crate and isn't too certain that she likes me right now.

DH is home resting tonite... he had quite a week this past week. He worked 63 hours this week, had 2 night calls and also had 6 hours of drive time everyday. (So much for that light duty stuff.) He slept so hard last night, he barely moved. It's been a hard week for both of us, as we haven't really seen each other and I've had to take up the slack for his absence.It would have been easier to have him out of town the whole week instead of him leaving in the middle of the night, and making sure he had clothes out for each day, and having things ready to be loaded into his lunch pail. It was a pressure filled week in so many ways.

For me... this week was "end of month" for me... and trying to bring as much money in as I could along with collecting on my 60 and 90 day buckets. I was at over 25% at the beginning of the month. My percentage for yesterday was at 14% and I still had credit cards and a huge check to apply after that. My book closes at 5pm on Monday and I can't wait to see what I end with... I'm already below what I ended with last month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I hand this location over with things buttoned up quite nicely on November 2nd. I can hardly believe that I have been working for 8 weeks... I don't get my new location and team until December. That means I don't have conference calls until after my location rolls over... Yippee!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Another Sandra from TN writes: What kind of work are you doing Suzanne? Do you have any trick or treaters where you live? Onward ever onward and savor the good moments. Sandra

Suzanne said...

Hi Sandra...
I work in a regional A/R office for a major service company and do commercial collections. It's crazy and full of pressure, but I can leave it there when I go home. We don't really have any trick or treaters in our little town... at least none on our street. I agree... onward, ever onward! Thanks for your comment... I enjoy knowing someone is actually reading!

April Fiur said...

Good Grief!! Your respective work loads, not to mention your household chores sound overwhelming!! I hope your comment about no more conference calls and that you get a new location in December means you get a little bit of a respite for November. I hope they're paying you well, because it sounds like you're giving 150%! I hope neither one of you overdoes it to the point that it compromises your health. Will try to call you later this week to catch up. (My weeks haven't gotten kind of busy, too, lately -- nothing like yours, though.)
Love, Sissy

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne. Wow, your life seems quite hectic. I was wondering how much of this you bring on yourself! I mean, your husband is a grown man and cannot pull out his own clothes to get dressed for work? Ok - so he had shoulder surgery, but presumably he is well enough to work, then he should be well enough to dress. Consider having HIM get dressed by himself!