Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wow... It's been CrAzY...

It has been more than a little nutso around here for the past week. DH has gone back to work... on "supposed" light duty... but it's not. (Yes, I'm holding my tongue.) I've been working like crazy and trying to keep up with the house and the dogs. I also had a HIDA scan on Saturday morning... and felt sick on Sunday and the radio-active contrast showed up on my face yesterday.

Add to that... a weekend of Punky being sick... and not letting anyone know. It gets worse... I woke up to find both dos having been ill during the night. They were both very pukey... and I gave my "little green machine" a huge workout. I took Punky to the vet after work last night... and he gave me 3 different meds for both dogs. It's been a bit of a challenge to get medicine down both of them... but Nolli has been a trooper for me and has let me pop pills down him and give him nausea medicine in a syringe like it's no big deal. (What a Good Dog he is!) Punky doesn't like the liquid medicine at all.

And... Poor DH... his work schedule this week is a real nightmare. He's up at 2:30 and on the road by 3am... and his supervisor has no mercy. It's grueling, ugly and really unfair. It feels a lot like retaliation because of DH being injured... I wouldn't put it past the (a$$-hAt, cough, cough) idiot to do something like that. We are only on Tuesday and feels like it should be Thursday... and I can't wait for Friday! I'm looking forward to just being home and doing stuff around here for the weekend. I don't want to go anywhere, and I don't want to do anything but be home and put things in order around here.

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne - how can you continually defame your husband's employers? Honestly - you should be glad that he has a job! My husband, God rest his soul, would be furious with me if I ever breathed a word of discontent over his employer, let alone publicly refered to them with such disrespect. Perhaps you should review your blessings dear. Warmly, Ellie