Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To My Readers...

Now that I am working full time... and having to keep track of lots of details as DH is traveling more and working crazy hours, I think it's time to draw this blog to a close. It's been fun... it's been an outlet to help me vent and keep a little sanity in my life... but I am finding that as I struggle with life in general and sometimes share my frustrations of being busy or being angry and upset about DH's work issues, that negative comments are left and I don't really enjoy that.

I also must say to one certain person who is anonymous... the reason for my getting my husbands work clothes laid out was that he was getting home from work at 11:30 at night (after leaving at 3:00am) and it was so he wouldn't have to disturb my sleep as he was going to nap on the sofa before he headed out for work again at 3:00 am. He does get his own clothes ready... I was trying to be helpful during a very tough and stressful week for both of us... m'kay????

This started out as a way to journal my thoughts and opinions as I adjusted to married life for the first time in 20 years. It's been 2 years and just about 500 posts, lots of recipes and trips to the Amish Market, along with lots of dog stories, rants about work and tales of what we found on our short road trips. It's been fun but now, it's time to end... maybe I'll be back... but for now... I'm done!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Jan said...

Suzanne, I understand, but I am sad. I loved hearing about your live and the simplicity and the side trips and the dogs - and well, all of it.


Sandra said...

I will miss you and your family and and furry friends,Suzanne. Take special care of yourself. Life can get overwhelming at times.
Enjoy your Christmas and maybe you'll have more time in the new year.
Best always, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Oh now are closing this blog because of little old me? How fair is it to deprive all your readers of your 'drivel' - your own word. Oh, and I noticed you don't post MY comments - how very communistic of you, only posting things people say that agree with your viewpoints. I suppose you had a hard time voting on Tuesday. I didn't see a write in for that party. Just as well this is closing, while jounaling is a good thing, your ranting would better serve you in a psychiatrist's office. He/she could help you with your obvious insecurities and need to put down and humiliate other people, even your own husband, to bolster your own pathetic ego. Tsk, tsk - take care dear. Be well! Ellie

Sandy said...

while you have too little time on your hands it seems that others have too is so sad that some people like to make themselves feel big by making others feel small. my only advice to them is...DON'T READ IT! suzanne i don't know you other than what i read here and i have enjoyed reading your are a real person with real struggles along with real joys (and a sarcasm i love =o). don't let the insecurities of others bring you down. live your life YOUR way!!! hopefully you will post enough on facebook to keep those of us who are true friends (all be it internet friends) updated on the route your life takes. good luck on everything in your future. may good health follow you, your dh, and yes, even your furry children. and for the record...i lay my dh's clothes out on occasion as well. my motives are purely selfish however in that i don't want to be awakened from my sleep =o) Love ya girl! Sandy
p.s. thank you for not posting certain comments left on your has spared us from spiteful people and in turn spared them from the humiliation that they so truly deserve!

troutay said...

Dang! Some nasty thing just left a pile in here. While I may not always agree with things, I do not think we readers have a right to be down right rude.

So who ever you are, get over yourself.