Sunday, October 10, 2010

On "Catch Up" Duty

That seems to be what I've been doing since I was sick on Tuesday... catching up on everything that fell behind by being sick on one day and taking half a day off on the next. Work is work and I'm behind. It will show on my conference call tomorrow... not that I'm looking forward to it.

This week has taken us to see Doc Williams for DH's post surgical checkup. He got a light-duty work release for the next 4 weeks unless something else happens. We are in a holding pattern with the company until at least Tuesday... then we should have an idea of what we are looking at as far as DH going back to work.

I've been trying to get things caught up around here... I am never finished with everything. I really do feel that we do need a housekeeper to help me keep up as we will still have to do physical therapy 2 times a week. There are so many things to do... and just not enough time... I'm sure that you all can relate!

We did have a little fun yesterday... we went garage-saling. We found lots of good things at some great prices. We hit an estate sale that had a few good finds... I bought 2 pin-up lamps, both vintage and in good working condition. I also found a vintage hooked rug that looks great on the porch. We also found  a great basket with a hinged lid to keep throws and blankets in... wonderful for 3 dollars. We had a great time... and had breakfast out after we went scouting. The last place we went had a great wicker settee and chair and side table with cushions for $10... but we couldn't fit in our car. It was a great deal... maybe next spring I'll find one like it... but I know it won't be $10!

Today I have been trying to take it easy... and I've slept alot. I felt sick most of the afternoon... I've been more than a little cranky... and I am hoping to go to bed early tonight.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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