Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm sorry... I have been missing in action this week. It's been a little crazy around here. I ended up being really sick last Sunday and Monday. I missed work on Monday... a huge no-no! And because I missed work, I ended up working extra hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was exhausting... I managed to work an extra 6 hours to make up time. I would have been able to make up the entire 8 hours except that I had to take 30 minutes for lunch.

Also this week... DH went back to work on Wednesday. He 's on light duty with a 10 pound weight limit for the next 4 weeks. His supervisor doesn't seem to understand the concept of light duty and sent DH to a job that required him to do welding, pulling an air compressor around and to replace an overhead chain that weighs 80 pounds. (Does that sound like light duty to you? Yeah, I didn't think so either!) DH went to physical therapy and the therapist was quite worried that DH could suffer a set-back if the light-duty order is not followed. DH had great discomfort, swelling and pain in his shoulder on Friday... he couldn't work that day. Hmmmmm... I think someone needs to get a clue about light duty and causing someone additional harm when they refuse to comply with a doctor's note. (Don't even get me started!)

Yesterday was spent getting things ready for the next couple of weeks... getting groceries, trying to find a pharmacy that carries a certain manufacturer of medicine that will work with DH and his blood pressure. We used to get it at Wal*Mart, but they have decided to carry another brand because it's better on their bottom line. They have decided to carry a brand that does not work... it has to do with the fillers that are used that cancel out the affects of the medicine for DH... and even after writing to them, they don't care... and won't be carrying the one that DH has used, any longer. So much for really caring about your customers, Wal*Mart.

Anyway, while we were out... we were able to enjoy the fall colors at their peak. Last year I missed it because of my knee replacement. It was so nice to go down quiet country roads and view such spectacular color. It was very windy and quite cold out... but it was fun. Today, we are going to be starting with winterizing the house, getting plastic over the windows and making sure that the storm windows are pulled down. I know that I will be quite soon placing an order for winter heating oil as well... bye-bye money!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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