Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am still not feeling well. I am not sleeping more than a few hours due to congestion and coughing. (TMI???)  I am still taking my antibiotics and using inhalers along with a decongestant. It's keeping some of the crap at bay... but I still am hacking up crud.

We are suppose to go to my friend Miss Jane's for Easter dinner. She has been following my progress on feeling better on Facebook. She left me a voicemail tonite to call her... and to not feel obligated to come on Sunday. She's also afraid that I could pass this on to her mother-in-law or her father, both of whom are quite elderly. I totally understand that issue and wouldn't want to pass this on to anyone.

DH and I discussed it briefly before he went to work today. We didn't come to any conclusion but now I have confirmation that I should cancel this visit. I need to plan on what we will have for our own Easter dinner... likely a ham and a potato casserole that won't be taxing on me. It's also a matter of still having enough air in my lungs. I went out with Punky tonite and made it to the top of the drive way. I came in and climbed the stairs and got winded... but I only had to rest a little bit and my coughing was as head splitting as it has been. So, there is a little improvement.

Tomorrow begins a 4 day weekend for DH... and some much needed time off for him. We are planning on doing some catch-up chores and laundry. (There's always laundry!)

Thanks for reading.

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