Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still Here!

I am still here... wrapped up in my favorite blanket on the sofa. I did go to the doctor... well, actually I saw the PA. He gave me stronger anti-biotics instead of a trip to the hospital. I am still doing all my other breathing treatments and get some relief. But if I over-exert myself at all... I end up sounding like a sea lion as I cough and hack. Once that is under control, I still have the peacock sounds of wheezing and feel the pressure of trying to breathe.

Yesterday we had a heating oil delivery. The driver needed help with the doors so I was required to get down stairs to get him inside the garage. It was cold, snowing and windy. Between the activity of the stairs and getting the door open and the weather... I thought I was a goner! I made it inside to the staircase and sat on the 2nd step to try and catch my breath. I sat there until the delivery driver was done and he brought our receipt. He looked at me and asked if I needed medical assistance... he was concerned. I told him I would be ok in a minute or two. He asked again if he needed to get me some help... poor guy. I told him I would be ok and to have a nice day. I made it upstairs and took a hit on my rescue inhaler and rested. I felt that exertion in my chest the rest of the day.

I can't seem to stay in bed all night... I end up going back to the sofa to sit up for sleep. Getting good rest is important to getting better. I hope I can get some good rest soon.

Oh. Happy News too! DH has a lovely 4 day weekend coming up! He has Good Friday and Easter as paid holidays this year. We are grateful for needed time off. He needs rest and I also need some help with the basics of housework right now.

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!

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