Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We've been Busy!

Yesterday was a much needed day of fun! DH and I had a date day where we went off together to do a few things that I cannot manage to do without help. We made it a fun day together. (I think we have turned the corner on being sick and are starting to feel better!)

Anyway... we headed north to do some shopping. I needed to go to Hobby Lobby... and I can't maneuver through the store on my own. They don't offer electric shopping carts, only wheelchairs. So... DH has to push me through the store. Someday, I will have the ability to walk through that place. (I can't wait for that!)

We shopped at Harbor Freight as well. DH got some longed for bench tools... and he's promised me to get the garage cleaned out and a new work bench installed for said tools. (I can't wait for that! I love doing projects on bench tools!) We also went to Petsmart for some goodies for Punky and lastly stopped at the fabric store for me. I bought some beautiful dress goods and can't wait to get sewing on a cute dress pattern that should give me some great dresses for this summer. (I love wearing dresses in the summer.)

We stopped for a yummy steak dinner at a place we can only go to up north. It was really good food and a great atmosphere. We had a lovely time together. We love to people watch and visit... it has been a bliss-filled 4 days off together. Even being sick and trying to get some things done at home were nice because we were together. It sweet and DH did do several things that I need help with, carrying laundry and changing bedding. (He's a real sweetie and does all he can to help me so I don't over stress my heart or back.)

I have done some cooking in the last 4 days as well... we have lots of good eats stocked in the fridge right now. There is a great meatloaf, easter ham, a pot roast with potatoes and carrots, a yummy mashed potato casserole with bacon and cheese, red bliss potato salad, and left over steak and salty baked potato from last night. It's nice to have so much to chose from for dinner while DH is at work... and then for him to heat up when he comes home tonite.

The weather has been fairly mild... yesterday was fabulous! It was in the 50's and sunny... only needed a light jacket. I wore a t-shirt with an insulated vest and jeans... it felt great in the sunshine and no cumbersome coat!

It's hard to believe I have been home from work for 4 months now. After driving north yesterday, it felt great to go past my old exit and not have to worry or think about all that stress of my old job. I do not miss that drive at all... and really wondered how I managed it for over 2 years. I am so grateful for DH to work so hard that I can be home. He's a wonder!

Thanks for reading... please have a blessed day.

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