Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Abounds Here!

Sickness.... upper respiratory infections... Z-packs.... they all hang out here! I am wheezing so badly that in a quiet room you would swear we had peacocks outside! Even after doing Symbicourt, Albuterol rescue inhaler and albuterol breathing treatments... it's not letting up.

I am going to the doctor in the morning. I am afraid I won't get to come home. I have no real appetite, a slamming headache and fever and chills. This is really sucky! I am suppose to go to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon... but I quietly cancelled today.  DH was home from work on Monday and Tuesday. He's doing a little bit better than I am. He's stronger and gets more fresh air.

Oh... and that's another thing... No fresh air! It's been so cold and I've had such chills, it's rather like being in a germ incubator in this house. I am so sick of the wind, cold air and snow... we are thinking that someone needs to take out a hit on a stupid groundhog named Phil!

Thanks for reading... I have no more energy than this.

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