Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Did It Get...

To be Thursday already?????

I seem to have lost a couple of days. Tuesday was spent going to the doctor. It started as an uneventful trip. When I left home, it was raining but it had a little ice mixed in with it. Dr. Pete was in a great mood and so was I... we got along famously well as always, entertaining his new P/A student and even teaching her about heart murmurs and where best to listen to them.

The subject of my blood sugar and what medicine to use to help control it was discussed. He adamantly refused to let me go back on my old favorite medicine and decided that it was time to give my pancreas a rest. He wrote me a script for an insulin pen. (I so did not want to do that therapy yet.) So... after having a 3 hour appointment, I headed back towards home.

As I left Columbia County and came into Luzerne County... I could barely believe my eyes as the snow was flying in thick, heavy flakes and it was sticking! I knew it was going to be wicked when I started to see sand trucks. I came home to 3 inches of snow. I needed to go to the pharmacy but DH told me to wait for him. I waiting and waited... he was almost home and got called back to his work site to repair an issue. So... we finally made it to the pharmacy around 7 that night. Only to discover that the pharmacy computer system was offline and had been since 2pm. I had called earlier, around 4pm, and the pharmacist didn't mention that. Anyway... I was suppose to have 5 prescriptions filled and ended up with none. The insurance company didn't like that the doctor wanted to give me a premium medicine and they felt I needed to try the one they recommended on the formulary. (GGGRRRRRRRRR!) I was going to have to go back to the doctor because they wouldn't fill my script.

So... yesterday, I went back to the doctors office, explained all the issues, (I needed lab work done anyway) and they said they'd take care of it all for me. So... I did a few errands that I could only do in Bloomsburg and then came home. I called the pharmacist and asked if they had received my prescriptions. Yes, she told me, they had 4 of them. Luckily for me, I have a good relationship with the doctors nurse and called her. She called in the 5th script for me. (Whew!) I finally got all my medicines at 3 yesterday afternoon. What a deal!

So, along with crazy weather and insurance issues... we've been dealing with DH having a tooth pulled and getting Dry Socket. It's been terrible for him and he has been going back and forth to the dentist every other day to have it packed so it will heal. I've tried to be as helpful as I can, but he's having to pack his own lunch as he needs to be careful with what he eats. He's also down several pounds with this issue and I don't know how he is working with all the pain.

So... today is really Thursday... and it's April Fools Day. We don't really prank each other on April Fools Day. But we love to laugh about what other people try and pull off! Oh... I forgot... when I came home yesterday afternoon, I discovered that the snow we had on Tuesday apparently went up under the ridge cap of our house and melted, causing a huge leak in the living room and staining the ceiling. It's awful... just in time for Easter!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


JO said...

Sounds like you had QUITE a day - or two. Insurance is a necessary evil.

Take care.


Sandra said...

Happy Easter, Suzanne to you DH and the two little furry friends. Let's hope the sun shines at your place.
Best always, Sandra