Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unexpected Visitor!

This has been the week for plumbing. The plumbers came on Monday and replaced part of our bathroom floor and put all new parts in our commode since it really didn't want to shut all the way off and would suddenly fill up the tank in the middle of the night. (It's a sound that will wake you from a very deep sleep.) They are also replacing all the brass mechanics for our shower. It has developed a drip that is close to a small trickle. (Our water bill shot up an extra $12 this last month! Yikes!)

Well... when the plumber was here on Monday, he said he would order the parts for the shower... and it would take a few days. (Few to me says at least 3!) So... I was having a quiet, lazy morning this morning... meaning I was still in my nightie, and was freezing cold. (Nothing new there, having no thyroid, I am always freezing in the morning!) I was trying to warm up in bed with my lovely electric mattress cover turned on 5 and a little red dog wrapped around my neck... and the phone kept ringing. I usually ignore the phone if I'm in bed because I never get to it in time. But when it rang twice in just a short span of time, I figured it must be important. It was... it was my husband calling to tell me that the plumber was on his way over to fix the shower today! What???? I was no where near ready for that! Oops!

I did the best I could... I got cleaned up and my hair done, dressed, (with shoes, even!) and even managed to get mascara and blush on! I even got over half my dinner dishes from last night (ummm, I was cold and tired last night!) washed up too! With that kind of a start to the day... I may have to go and see if the greenhouses on the other side of the mountain are open today. I could use some good warm air and sights and smells of all those blossoms to cheer me up today. I am so ready to have all the flower pots filled with flowers and have the outdoor spaces set up for outdoor living. That will have to wait until the plumber is done!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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