Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Randomness... Again... (sigh.)

I am once again a second shift widow. This time I am now home instead of working full-time, so it's going a little bit better. At least I get to see my husband everyday for more than 5 minutes.

Although, my husband has been working very hard... 12 hour days all last week. Plus he's worked the weekends since the beginning of the year. He's so strong and loves the extra work. I worry... but he's insistent on signing up... plus his company does require some voluntary overtime. It's complicated, but if you don't sign up for it, it will count against you in a review.

I've been dealing with health issues again. I have been having issues with my back and my knee. And for the last two weeks, I've been having pain in my side. I went for an ultrasound which revealed that I do have an issue with my liver... Oh, goodie! Time to change up my diet and really work at getting things back to a more normal kind of life. (Whatever that is!)

Life has become a little more quiet now that we are back to one dog. And our little Pumpkin is revelling in all the attention. She is snuggled, carried, given treats, sang to and pampered beyond belief. She's had such a tough life in her first 6 years that she deserves all the love we can give her now. She loves it and is very contented.

The weather has also played a huge factor in my lack of blogging as I haven't really been anywhere except for buying groceries. Really... I don't leave the house except to take the dog out. I have done some work in my craft room... but nothing that is shareable. It's more practice work rather than a project to rebuild my skills.

We had a pretty intense ice storm last night... and it had a lot of wind with it. I had a hard time sleeping with the sound of ice hitting the windows. I did make a nice pot of chicken soup for dinner last night... the perfect thing for DH to come home to after a tough day at work.

DH just called me and he has to work until 3:00 am... he said he was covered in chocolate... even had it in his hair. Poor guy. He was just getting his lunch break at 10:00 when he called me. He didn't say what he was working on... but it sounds like a long night at the plant for everyone.

Thanks for reading... please stay blessed!

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