Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pure Random Bits

It's Thursday... I was going to blog yesterday, but couldn't seem to get anything to come to mind. (Insert "Big Sigh" here.)

We are still in the adjustment phase with Sophie. She is adjustly rather slowly. We feel that she may not be adjusting well as she was very bonded to her Foster family. She's had a few issues with commands and listening. She actually got away from me one morning during the weekend. She would not come and instead, went running across the neighborhood. Not fun in jammies, slippers and a winter coat. She started to run around the entire house... so I stood at the front door and called up to DH to help me. She finally came to the door and ran inside. Crazy girl. We did have a good day yesterday with her being fairly comfortable with noises and the house sounds and wasn't too "barky." We bought her a rawhide bone... and finally got the first real smile out her. She recognized what it was instantly and got very excited about it.

We are all waiting to hear just how much snow we are going to get with the storm headed this way. They can't decided which weather model is correct... but we are going to getting "plowable" snow with this storm... anywhere from 3 to 6 inches or... 6 to 12 inches, but it depends on how it tracks. It's all very confusing to me... all it means to me is that I will not be going anywhere for a few more days. We went and did our shopping last night so we are ready for whatever comes our way.

DH has discovered that he may have some engine problems with his truck. It's been parked in the garage for a week... and he is going to work on it tonight. We will basically be using it for short trips while he tests things out... and so I am adjusting to being a one car family. I told him that it would fine once the weather gets a little better and I wouldn't mind having to take him to work on occasion. (That would be for going to doctors appointments or having lunch with the girls on Fridays!)

Once we get Sophie dog adjusted, I am going to be spending some time in my craft area. It's a little crowded in there right now to have a huge dog at my feet. We need to move Pumpkins crate to the living room in order to move my sewing cabinet... this place is so small... and it shows when I have to plan on where I am moving the dog crate.

Since this post is about random things... is anyone watching "The Bachelor" this season? DH and I have been watching and we both think Sean is being duped and is clearing not making good choices with keeping the drama queen known as Tierra. (Hello... her name is a "crown" associated with being a princess and... DRAMA!) I know... it's reality tv... and it's for entertainment. So... we are being entertained!

I think I've done enough randomness to qualify for a blog post! I am still staying at home... I am fighting a cough and chest pain. I also started a new medicine this month and today I "upped" the dosage per the doctor's instruction... and I don't like it. It hurts my side... very uncomfortable. So... I am on the sofa, wrapped up in a warm throw and have Pumpkin on top of me to warm me up. Life right now is slow and lazy... I am hibernating for the winter! Send a prayer up for DH as he just called me to tell me he's working late... and he's working on Saturday. He's going to be a tired man. Love him so much for how hard he works for his family.

Thanks for reading... have a blessed day!

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