Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally Home and Loving It!

My last day of work was last Thursday... and I am so thrilled to finally have it over with. As I worked part-time during my last month, the expectation of keeping all my work the same status quo as I did while working full-time just about undid me. I had a supervisor who had very unreal expectations and a very domineering yet subtle devious manner who would email digs and make rude remarks in front of my coworkers caused me to take in the hostility and render my back almost useless with holding all my anger in... needless to say, every night, my back pain was off the charts!

My farewell from work was lovely. I had started to bring home my belongings a few days earlier so I ended up with only 2 small boxes of stuff to carry out on the last day. There was a "dip social" at 10:30 that was moved to our large conference room to become a going away party for me! There were so many good things to eat... including frosted brownies in my honor. There was a lovely card and a very generous gift card to Hobby Lobby wishing me well as I returned home to work on getting healthy and work on crafts.

So now that I am home... I have been a little busy with cleaning and putting the house back in order. We are trying to pare down a little bit and make things a little easier for me to do the upkeep. We shall see just how well I do as I have just discovered from my doctor that I am now out of remission for my papillary/follicular thyroid cancer and we are beginning the work of getting me back to a state of repression. (I knew when my last doctor, tho I loved him, had not made a good move when he changed my levothyroxine dosage.) I am dealing with fatigue and coldness and hoarseness and unwanted weight gain. I want to sleep all the time and simple things like doing dishes or cooking and shopping are kicking my tail.

I am doing a little work on getting the guestroom retro fitted to be my crafting studio. I am very excited about that. It's a process as I have to ask DH to go through his things and move them downstairs to the basement. He isn't using the space as an office anymore since changing jobs... he doesn't have to bring paperwork home anymore. I am excited to start creating again and having space to do it. I used to work at the dining room table, but since DH bought us a new set, I hesitate do anything other than eat at that beautiful table.

I've been doing more cooking in the last month. It's been a little bit of a challenge for me to think of new things to make for dinner. I need to start chronicling what I do and discover in the kitchen... like I did in the early days of this blog. We shall see if I can get it together to do that, too! So... there you have it, the latest in what's going on around here... and the hopes I have in the coming months as I readjust to becoming a stay at home wife again.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


Cameron VSJ said...


I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



Suzanne said...


Kindly leave me an email address to respond to and I will try and answer your question.