Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I went!

My doctor requested that I attend a dietary education class for diabetes as part of my "education"in dealing with being a type 2 insulin diabetic. It wasn't something I was looking forward to at all. I almost didn't go... I hadn't slept well and was feeling quite cold and sluggish with being in my hypo-thyroid state lately. I am very glad I went.

It was nice to have a discussion almost one on one with someone who is also diabetic insulin dependent. She did give me some tips about things I had never known. How to deal with having a low blood sugar and that I should only have 15 grams of carbs to bring it back up... 1 glass of juice should do it. Even though I want to eat and drink everything in sight to get rid of that low. And she explained how to do carb counting and how many carbs to have per meal. Good stuff to know.

I came home and was getting ready to have lunch. I gave myself my lunch time shot and sat down to wait for the 15 - 20 minutes I am suppose to wait before I eat. I was so exhausted that looked at the computer screen for about 5 seconds before I fell sound asleep... and stayed zonked out until 5:30~ That's ridiculous! I sure wasn't planning on doing that for my day. I had stuff to do... and zonking out wasn't on that list. I have an ultrasound scheduled this afternoon on my thyroid and labs scheduled for Monday and then I can start back on my Synthroid.

I am trying to get started on a couple of Christmas gifts even tho I have yet to decorate for the holiday. I don't know that we will, DH has been working so much that I don't have the heart to ask him to bring all those boxes from the basement loft area and have to take them back down once I am done, only to have to bring them out again in 3 weeks to take it all down. I have a few things that I have purchased in October and November that will help with the holiday spirit... but I don't know that I will be doing an entire 6 foot tree with all the lights and bows this year. I hope that next year will be different and I have more energy to do all the fun stuff we do around here for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!

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