Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Busy Day!

Last night after DH got home from work... he decided to take me out to dinner. We headed north for his favorite place, Red Robin, for burgers. It was a delicious idea and afterward, we hit Wegmans to do our weekly shopping. Some parts of the store were pretty picked over but we managed to find what we needed. It was great because there weren't too many people and no screaming, crying children to be heard.

We had errands to do today... like head up to Shickshinny to my favorite little gently used gift shop, The Holey Cow. I had several things on hold that I needed to pick up... one of which was a 7 foot tall bird house! They pictures of it posted on Facebook and I told Jeff that I wanted it. There were 3 other people that saw it after me... all wanting it. One even offered to pay more for it, but Carole said nope!

After that... we headed west, had some breakfast at our favorite place and then went to price band saws. From there, we went to the Wal*marts to do some shopping for the stuff we didn't get last night. We headed towards home and DH dropped me off at the nail salon while he went up the hill to the auto parts store to get everything he needed to do an oil change for his truck. We ended up being gone for most of the day and we both wanted nothing more than to put jammies on tonight and chill out in front of the tv.

So... we are all snug and cozy on this chilly November night. Punky has has her dinner and is sleeping at the other end of the sofa from me. DH is in his chair with his lap top and we have reruns of Cosby on... while we both putter around. This is living! And we love it!

Thanks for reading... stayed blessed!

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