Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tired Beyond Words...

This past week has been kicking my tail... and DH's tail as well. We're up early... and running all day long. I have still been feeling the after effects of having the flu... and being out of one of my maintenance medications. I tried to to errands and shopping on Saturday and ended up getting ill in the middle of it all... and had to come and sleep. I was gone for most of Sunday, attending a baby shower, which involved a drive and then having to be "entertaining" while feeling puny.

I've also tried to cook ahead and make things for dinner during this week. I've been made some good things to reheat... but it hasn't made any difference as DH has been working overtime and had night calls 2 out of 3 nights so far. He's tired... and I've been having to pick up the slack where he usually helps me. It's been making us both very weary. Running errands after work, shopping, and cooking and cleaning have tuckered me out... and tonite I voted for eating take-out. (So much for reheating what I made!)

Tomorrow I have an appointment after work... the upholstery guy is coming to do repair work on my sofa. We had seam failure on one of the back cushions and it's under warranty. He's coming around 6 pm... and so I have been picking things up and straightening and dusting. I hope I can convince DH to run the vacuum for me... I still can't do the push and pull of the vacuum cleaner.

Work is going well for me... my month turned out better for February than I first thought. I had lots of "old money" come in and it shows that I worked very hard last month. I am running hard to get a good start to this month... not too certain just what my goal will be for March. I do know that my location has lots of work to do to keep up with me... I keep finding problems and issues and I know that they are sick of getting my emails asking for them to do what needs to be done and my checking for accountability. They are not used to having someone hold them accountable for issues that have a way of being swept under the rug... guess who keeps looking under the rug and showing them what needs to be cleaned up!

I've got wrap this up and get busy so the house is a little more under control... still need to pack lunches for tomorrow and get the dishwasher unloaded. I think I hate house work!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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