Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hangin' It a New Way!

It's beginning to feel like Spring is in the air. It was a fabulous 50 degree day today and we even had a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. To celebrate the coming of Spring and all that it means... we dove into our first project of the year... we re-did my closet!

It's been on my "honey-do list" for quite awhile. I had added some organizers and shoe shelving last year... but this time we took everything out and started over. We are only doing a "fast -job" of it this time.  We are going to re-tape the dry wall and paint when we re-do the carpet in the bedroom this year. This time, we put in new closet rods with support brackets, raising one side higher to add a second clothes bar under it... adding so much more space for hanging all my cardigans and my assortment of t-shirts and tops. It's starting to look more like a closet instead of something that was pretty much slapped together and second thought. This house is over 45 years old... and has been a rental for over 24 years... closets weren't such a huge deal back then.

 I can't wait to get into my closet tomorrow and work at hanging things by category and color! (I know... weird, right?) We're both tired this evening... I ran errands and grocery shopped, and had to run back to the home improvement store with Punky to return one clothes rod that was broken in the package. It's been a busy day... but a good day too! Thank you to my wonderful Hubs for doing such a fabulous thing for me!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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I'm giving you an award. It's over at my blog. You rock!