Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Decision has been Made...

I am going to be working part-time for the next month! Working 3 days a week. Today is my first day home. I am excited about being back home. The stress of my job is what the issue has become. I have been told by my boss that I knew it would be that way when I signed on... but it has taken a great toll on my body and my DH has worried for awhile about that.

But the HUGE news about going part-time is that I will really be quitting on November 30th! It's a little scary. I wasn't planning on quitting so soon... but there is no "part-time" work in my division. It will be a little bit tight for a few months... but with not having to spend $60 a week in gas, breakfasts and lunches at about $75 a week and paying for dress-down days and gifts, and insurance on myself... I really wasn't making all that much money. I can find something with less stress, closer to home, making less money and still come out about the same!

But, first of everything... I am doing this for my health. I have already had two weeks of down time in my new calendar year. Once with a bout of cellulosis and once with a double whammy of back spasms and then tachycardia because I stopped breathing in my sleep. It's stress... and I have a boatload of it at work. I told my boss in the beginning, that I'd stay as long as it was fun, and it hasn't been fun in months. There is too much emphasis on the numbers and production. We have new supervisors that don't have much to do other than micromanage and I hate being micromanaged. I've been with my location 2 years and my clients are now my friends as well. I have my style of working and I do a ton of email work... but I am suppose to make calls.... so there is a problem with that, even in a digital age.

So... now it begins. I am looking forward to working with a new camera, adding more content to this little old blog. I am looking forward to finishing my cookbook. I went to the art store and purchased new supplies and I am hoping to do some art projects. So... that the news here at the cottage. Pumpkin and I are hanging out and planning our day. It's sunny but very cold... time to make some spaghetti sauce since it's election day. Don't forget to get out and vote!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee - looking forward to your blogging more again - it will all work out!