Friday, November 9, 2012

Tighter Than A Banjo String

Yeppers.... That would be my back! After only working 3 days this week, my back is so tight from the stress, I can barely move. Kinda makes it hard to enjoy my day off. I have lots I want to accomplish today, but I need to pace myself. It's all mostly housework, and some of it will have to wait for DH to get home this afternoon.

My stress level for work has gone through the roof as they realize I am not going to be there to handle all the little "ins and outs" of the location I cover. Some of my co-workers have finally realized just how much I do and the numbers I can get when it all goes according to plan.It's not easy to get down to below 7% on a location that does an average billable amount of 1.4 million a month and I am responsible for collecting what rolls over. It's daunting and if I'm gone for even 1 day... it can all fall apart. I will be sad to not be working, but I will not miss the stress of it.

We did get some wonderful news on the work front for DH... his plant goes on a 4 week layoff starting on Monday. He will not be included in that layoff. Yippee!!!! We prayed hard about that and have worked hard to save as much as we could in case that would happen. He even signed up for his unemployment benefits and got his wait-week applied because of Hurricane Sandy. But it looks like we won't be needing that! (Huge sigh of relief)

Oh... we did not get any snow with the latest N'or Easter... It got cold and I did see a couple of snow flakes on one of the mountain summits I go over on my way home from work... but that was all, I am hoping that the snow waits to start flying until I am safely home and off the roads for work. I have just 9 days of work left... and I can't wait.

Time to get busy and get on with my day. I need to do some cleaning (yuck) and grocery shopping. DH has requested my California Burgers for dinner tonight. (He's only been back on day shift about 2 weeks now so I'm having to get used to planning dinners again.)

Thanks for reading... have a blessed day!

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