Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting For It...

We"ve been at storm prep for a few days... as soon as the storm was announced and we started tracking it, we went into "prep" mode. The biggest thing for us is the rainfall... and how many inches can fall in an hour. We are the only people around that sought out sandbags. We practically cleaned out Big Red of "tubesand". DH told me he bought almost all of what they had. We wanted to make sure we didn't flood the garage and basement and our front landing. Our front neighbors also have an issue with rain run-off... so DH purchased sand bags for them as well.

We have our spot set up in the basement... and we have our foodstuffs ready to down. We are really worried about trees falling because of ground saturation. We are also concerned with power being out. We are prepared for that, but don't like the thought of having power being out for days or even weeks.

So... we are praying it won't be as bad as predicted. Irene is on her way here... and I know she's not bringing dessert with her! Makes me wish I had remembered to buy something sweet! (I always want something sweet or salty when I'm stressed. Ice Cream sandwiches!) Hoping to get some sleep tonite... and wake up on the other side of this thing... with our home and yard mostly intact!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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