Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Good Things on Friday...

1. I have managed to stay home in bed for most of the week to heal my body from Pneumonia.

2. We are going to be helping a family out who are flood victims... they lost all their appliances and we just happen to have a spare washer and dryer!

3. We are also hoping to help out their neighbors who lost everything with extra furniture taking up space in our basement.

4. The weather has turned and it's quite cool at night... good sleeping weather!

5. My DH took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner... I have leftover shrimp and hush puppies for lunch this weekend.

That was fast... I could think of a few more things... Punky is happy to have me home, she really missed me while I was in the hospital. It's time to clean up flowers and get some mums purchased... maybe next week tho! I made my first batch of pumpkin bars for a bake sale at work... and came home with none left!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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