Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Post I Thought I'd Never Write...

Today has one of those life-time moments.... That stop you literally in your tracks. I've had a few of those moments in my life... and you get past them.

Today started out like any other day in NE PA in the winter. You check the weather forcast... figure out if it's safe to leave the house... and plan accordingly. We had snow and freezing rain this morning. I decided I was going to go late and take my time getting there.

The yard service came and plowed... and the weather changed just a little... and it felt safe to leave. I was half way there when my moment happened... I was in a roll over accident this morning. I was in the 3rd land, all by myself, when a tractor-trailer changed lanes 6 feet in front of me and the draft from his truck pushed me into the shoulder, where I lost control of my car and rolled over. I rolled up the embankment and then rolled back down facing the other direction. I wasn't sure where I was.

All I knew was that when I started to roll over, I put my hands over my face to keep the air bag from hitting me. (Fortunately, my airbag didn't deploy.) Once I got my bearing,I realized my passenger side window was gone and so was my purse and cell phone. The drivers side door was damaged and I could not get out. I hit the emegency flashers and just sat and waited... not more than a minute went by when someone stopped to help. It was 20 something girl who works at the arena north of here... and she was adept at assessing my situation and health status. She called 911, she called DH and she called my boss... and found my purse and cell phone. She worked with the paramedics and the state trooper so that I wouldn't become too stressed.

I was transported by ambulance on a backboard and neck brace. I spent most of my day at the level 1 trauma center, being evaluated. I can tell you that I literally walked away from this with nothing more than a huge contusion on my head... and lots of bruises. I know that God protected me and I also know that seat belts saved my life. DH, as always, was my hero and came to the trauma center to be with me and stayed by my side and advocated with the nurses on my behalf.

I never, ever thought I'd write about totaling my car. I never thought I'd ever be in a roll-over accident... I am ever so thankful for the first-responders and to Sarah, who stopped to help me. I'm also thankful for my DH... who manages to always take such good care of me. I'm glad to be back home with Nolli and Punky... and I will miss my wonderful car... she was such a good ride!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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