Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The past few weeks have been a real trial for me. I have been working on my physical therapy and it's been REALLY HARD to do it... it causes me alot of muscle pain in the evening, along with making me really tired. Along with all of that... of course, is DH's job. We know that I have had great issues with his boss, and that I have spent many hours over the past year in prayer about DH's job and his relationship with his boss.

Last night, it was heavy on my heart to pray for DH... which I did as I fell asleep. I woke up this morning and also prayed for DH and his day ahead. (In fact, last night... I told DH to be sure to get to his job site plenty early enough this morning... I just had a feeling that his boss would be showing up.) And in fact... his boss did show up today... along with the company service manager. They had an unscheduled 2 hour meeting with DH today... and he finally got a new replacement phone that he asked for almost a year ago! And they discussed many issues... part of which was the issue with "Big Brown" delivery company and that in fact the issue was never DH's work, but a personal vendetta by the on-site plant engineer that didn't like DH and wanted to get a job for his buddy instead. DH was told that his job is safe... that his boss doesn't have the power to fire him... and that he will be getting a raise in January!

I have prayed and prayed that God would show the company the truth about what happened at "Big Brown". And I've also prayed that God would enlarge our "territory"... and the Company service manager is planning on coming to this area to find new contracts for DH. All I can say... is Thank You, Heavenly Father for answered prayers.

From a Grateful Heart...

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