Thursday, June 4, 2015

April Made Me Do It!

I have not done any sort of writing in a very long time. I have even thought about taking this off line and being done with the whole thing. I discussed doing just that today, with my sister April. She felt that I should try and continue, so this is her fault! (Just kidding Sissy!)

This post is going to be in list style as it's 1:45 in the morning and I need to go to sleep.

1. I am recovering from a bout of CHF and a visit to the big hospital in Danville. I have a team of nurses, therapists and aides who are working hard to get me healthy again.

2. My house has never been cleaner. I hired a dear friend to come and clean. She has tackled every room... Every dresser, all the closets and my porch. Really, there are only a couple of drawers in e kitchen that she has not cleaned out and organized.

3. I have purged my closets of a good portion of work wear, shoes and handbags. Tons of household goods have also left this house... All given to those who can use it. Makes me happy to know someone else likes my things and ,asking good use of them.

4. Did I ever share that I finally won my case with Social Security Disability? That was a happy day. 

5. We did have to make a difficult decision about Cooper dog... He was becoming more aggressive and he went after DH one night while DH was assisting me with Punky dog, who had a bad dream and was crying and shaking. We put him down, as we realized he couldn't be trusted not to flip out and try and bite us. We've each been bitten by him a few times previous. It was sad, but had to be done.

6. I have been sick the last few days with a virus. The nurse checked me today and I had a good fever going. 

7. DH called from the freeway his morning on his way to work. Large trucks flew by, kicking a large rock that broke our windshield. Not good.

That's all I have.... Thanks for reading! 

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