Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Restful Day

Today has been a much better day... The first really good day I've had since being released from the hospital back on May 10th. I managed to eat almost 3 meals today, stayed awake and alert during the day, and actually got dressed today. I am trying to do a little more each day to improve on my stamina and strength. Tonight, I am tired and a little achy.

Today was also a rare day of a million phone calls arranging and rearranging appointments. DH is doing training at work and he is going in 3 hours early everyday. We also need work done on his truck and I need a new windshield in my car. Punky is also not feeling well and needs a vet appointment. I am also juggling PT/OT visits in with all of it. Yikes! I also spent a few hours on the phone with DH's younger brother today... Being a sounding board as he deals with some heavy issues.

My friend and house cleaning lady came today. She has my house in good shape and we were able to sit and eat lunch together and take our time. I made her come in to the living room and sit and relax with me for the rest of the day and it was so fun. I hope to get stronger so that we can enjoy some of the summer and go places. She is my friend first and my house cleaning lady second. She said she felt as though she need to be doing something.... And I told her she was... She was hanging out with me. Having some rest during the day is important. All the work was done. I wasn't quite up to going out, but soon we will! It's been a good day.

Thanks for reading... Have a blessed day!

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