Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Lonely Day

Wednesday's are always hard for me. It's mid-week and people are busy. Everyone has things to do, except for me. It's been rather lonely for me as DH has been working a ton of overtime. He is on his 2nd week of 12 hour days. I see him for a very short time before he leaves for the day and a short time before he falls into bed.

I have not heard from my family (meaning my sister JH ) in over a month. I know she is upset with me but she is going to have to get over it. I won't go into what happened except that my intentions were good and I didn't do anything "blindly" and it is not my fault she was not aware of conversations that took place before the "agregious action" was done. I am digging in and not calling because I am the one who does all the calling... And this time, I am not!

I did call my brother ever so briefly. He was called away to do Daddy duty with His 3 year old son. He had arranged for his 3 year old to go out and stay with his daughter in law for a few days. That changed on Monday as the kids were playing on the trampoline and his little buddy fell and broke his leg. Little buddy is in a cast up to the top of his knee and cannot bear any weight on it. He has to be carried to the bathroom and everywhere else. My brother is about to pull some of his gorgeous hair out  in having handle this new crisis alone. He has just about a month to go before life in their house will return to normal.

I have doctor's appointments coming up. I have one with a new cardiologist on Friday. My dear friend (and house keeper) is going to drive me and help me get thru everything. We are going to go to dinner afterward... A rare treat for me! I am looking forward to having some time out of the house. I also have a pulmonolgy appointment at the end of the month. I hate having to gather all the records and test results when having to see a new doctor. I need to remember to call for my records.

I am dealing with trying to build my strength and endurance. My pain levels have been in a manageable range as I closely monitor my diet. Fatigue still hits me everyday... And I want to sleep and nap all the time. Chronic illness is such an unfun thing to deal with... But I am working at keeping my attitude about it in check. After all... There isn't much I can do about it anyway.

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