Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday This and That

  1. I have become totally engaged on the Jodi Arias trial. I didn't know she was from Siskiyou County... the same county I went to grade school in and later lived with my first husband.
  2. DH had vacation 2 weeks ago... we ended up not going anywhere. Instead we tore apart our guestroom and painted it. We moved our bedroom into that room. We are still working on putting stuff back into both rooms. (My house looks like a bomb went off.)
  3. I decided to keep the car yesterday and took DH to work. He ended up having to work until 3 am... just my luck!
  4. Things escalated with the neighbor kid and his Dad, who rang our doorbell yesterday to talk to us... the kid can no longer come to visit me because he was lying to all of us about his situation at home and his grades among other things. Makes me sad.
  5. My bestest friend in life is graduating from college tomorrow in North Carolina. She's been working on her teaching degree for the last 5 years. She is graduating with honors. So proud of her!
  6. One of my dearest work friends became a grandma yesterday. She is over the moon!
  7. I have been buying flowers... and need to get my pots from the basement and get stuff planted.
  8. Punky dog went to the groomers for a grooming session and they did exactly what I asked them not to do... they shaved her down instead of cutting half of her coat off... I know it will grow, but she looks like such a different dog when she's cut so short with the classic Pomeranian cut... and it changes her coloring.
  9. I need to get 3 doctors appointments in this month... and have a huge ct scan coming up next month. I hate having to go to the doctor so much.
  10. DH thinks he may have the weekend off... I won't get my hopes up until its here!

That's all I have for now... Thanks for reading!

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