Monday, April 22, 2013

Still Here!

This is my third attempt to do a post today. We are still here... working on living life! (The posting issue is due to "user" error... ahem!)

DH has officially started 10 days of vacation! We are having a staycation... because I have a huge "honey-do" list. DH is working away at it and more than likely will be able to finish most of my list!
So far he's installed a new bathroom fan and light, cleaned up the yard and hauled 14 full wheel barrow loads of yard debris to the back side of the barn. He's finished my bookcase shelves in my craft room, installed a new hose reel outside and moved one of my wrought iron hooks for a hanging basket. That's just what he's done from Saturday to Sunday!

We've also semi-adopted our neighbor boy. He doesn't have the most ideal living situation as his fathers girlfriend treats him badly and does some real crazy stuff to this kid. His Dad seems to treat him more like he's a bother in their lives. I've taken him in... trying to give him guidance and good food. He's a good kid, goes to school every day, gets good grades, but doesn't play sports, which causes the girlfriend to think there's something wrong with him because he isn't play basketball or running around like all the other kids in this area do.

I have been trying to get potato salad made for this week. We are going to grill steaks tonight... I am very excited about that. Red meat is a treat for me anymore these days. (I eat so much chicken that I could squawk like one!) We are going to try and head to Lancaster tomorrow... very excited about that.

We also went out last night and enjoyed the meteor show... it was fun to snuggle up with my DH and watch for those gorgeous shooting meteors. It was quite cold... didn't real just how cold until I came inside at 4:45 and it was 31 degrees outside! Brrrrrrrrr!!! It took me forever to get warm enough to fall asleep. There is a very cold breeze blowing today as I sit here at my patio table... my hands are frozen. (That would be the aboved reference of "user" error. lol)

We do plan on going out tonight to view the ISS as well... it will be passing over us tonight at 9:00 pm... coming from the Northwest to East at 50 degrees. It should be wonderful viewing night as it is very clear and the air is dry despite the coldness of the Canadian air we are dealing with. (Can you tell I am ready for the cold to stop... it's Spring, I want Spring temperatures!

Thanks for reading about life here today!

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