Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Door has closed... On to a New Chapter!

This past Friday... we received a huge surprise! DH was summoned to his Supervisors house and was told that his position was being terminated. He sent me a text message as he was driven back home with his tools. I was at work and luckily I only had to "hold it together" for about an hour before I left for the day.

We have often discussed whether DH should quit, go looking for another job or just wait. We choose to wait and pray on God's timing... that either DH would come across another job or God would close the door. We have both prayed and truly believe that God has another job and great things waiting for my husband. I know that DH has worked diligently for his former company and has always gone above and beyond in his daily duties. He has given hours and hours of his time in travel and in admin work that someone else who had paid admin time should have been doing.

We know that this "situatuion" has many factors that played into the decision made. Travel time, gas prices, and contract issues with customers are just some of the factors. We also know that when we said "no" to moving closer to Philadelphia at our own expense was a factor as well. The company has had other issues with capital and not having enough trucks for all employees... so what better way to fix that problem then to eliminate the position of the one who works farthest away.

These things listed are just part of many parts... and we are not bitter in any way. It's time for a new chapter in our lives and will only serve to make us closer to each other and reinforce our trust in our loving Father and claim our favorite scripture of Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows the plans He has for us; they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give us a future and a hope.

I write this to simply ask you to keep us in your prayers for wisdom and peace in this new chapter of our lives. Thanks for reading... be blessed.



Jimmy Atkins said...

What did he do to get fired?

Suzanne said...

Actually... it's was more a downsizing. He didn't do anything, and they didn't have any issues with his work. It had more to do with contracts vs. expenses and local work available.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Honey - I thought I'd check your blog and I was so sorry to read about what has happened. You have the right attitude, though. That company didn't really appreciate him anyway! There's something better out there for him with more stability and people who will appreciate him. What is his status as of today? How are you feeling? I'll keep you both in my prayers. Love, April