Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday List

1. It's officially the last day of the month at work... I didn't quite make my goal... but I did beat last month by 2 points!

2. The dreaded Nor'easter we suppose to get last night... ended up going farther east! Yay! No snow to plow!

3. I started working this morning and started to get a panic attack. Luckily, my friend Janie had a xanax as I had left mine at home. (Holy Cow!)

4. I was able to go to lunch with my "condo-buddy" and my friend Tammy today. We went to the sweetest little diner... and the food was to "die for!" And they had a "pickle bar"... with lots of different kinds of pickled things and it comes as a side for your meal!

5. DH is not feeling all that well... but it also means that I don't have to cook anything for dinner.

6. I got good news from my auto insurance this week... they are covering me on my uninsured motorist coverage for all my lost work while being off from my car accident.

7. The house is fairly picked up... so cleaning will be a breeze this weekend.

8. I discovered a mexican eatery north of where I work... and it's a grill type restaurant, much like my so-beloved Chipotle... can't wait to eat there! (I crave good guacamole all the time!)

9. My Darling Husband gave me a wonderful gift this last week... he bought me a Kindle... with a great cover! My first book was "Water for Elephants"... and I loved it! Finished it in 2 days.

10. I am still deciding if I am going to keep XM radio on my car... I only really listen to just a few stations. I have to make that decision soon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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