Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work Week Wrapped Up

Well... I went back to work this week. After being home for 3 weeks healing my brain and my body, I hit the ground running at full speed on Monday. It felt good to get back into the groove and do my thing. It felt good to have support from other team members... even as I struggled to grasp what they had accomplished in my absence and how the work was divided up. Now... at the end of the week, we have done some good work and I think we shall see our goals met for the end of the month.

I have to admit, my energy and stamina were taxed that first day. But as I look back on the week, I paced myself, dug in my heels when I needed to, and got it done. It's been a bit taxing on me as I drive past the accident scene every day, and see where my car went over... but I calm myself with deep breathing and focusing on where the cars are and listen to music... and get myself through it.

I've had some help medically... or chemically as it were. My doctor and I agreed to put myself back on a very low dose of anti-depressant medication to help me cope with post traumatic stress syndrome. It has been a very trying time to get my mental health back on track after surviving what could have been a very traumatic accident. (It still is traumatic, but not in a horrible traumatic injury way... make sense?) I try not to fixate on the what if... or the why... cause it can only me feel crazy after awhile. So... instead both DH and I focus on feel grateful, feeling blessed and knowing that God truly does have it all under control while my scrambled brain still heals. It's good to see my progress and it's good to see laughter and joy return to our home after such a stressful event.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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