Sunday, May 11, 2014

This Spring Season of Time

Again, here I sit... stating the same thing... that it's been awhile since I last blogged. I have had intentions of blogging, it's just that with my fibromyalgia and my thyroid issues that cause me to have a lapse in short term memory from time to time. I've had that and brain fog a lot lately. We had a visitor stop in and have dinner with us. I made a meatloaf for our supper and he watched as I assembled it. Once it was served and I tasted it, I knew I had left an ingredient out. I couldn't remember what it was that I missed... and our friend began to make guesses on what it was... and DH told him, it wasn't that I knew and couldn't think of it, it was that I really didn't remember!

The last few months have been full of issues. We were called at the beginning of March the DH's Grandmother was gravely ill and hospitalized, and we needed to come immediately. We cleared schedules, made arrangements for pets, rearranged all my medical stuff, packed bags and readied the house for our departure. We were on the road within 2 hours. I managed to call the bank, the post office, the university, and anyone else who needed to know we were is crisis mode.

Our stay in Connecticut ended up being 10 days long. We had expected things were at a more advanced stage than they were and it was revealed that we were at the beginning of end stages. That takes around 4-5 days and that is what we endured. We had found a small inn 10 minutes from the hospital and the family home to stay at... but really didn't want to incur the expense. We did anyway and made the best of it. It was a very stress filled time with DH's female siblings. His brother was also in and out of town and proved to be a huge ally in all the turmoil. Things were said, some very rude and blunt, and DH and I quietly bowed out and stayed on the edge of things to avoid anymore unpleasantness.

The day before our last day there... DH had developed a migraine. I had done all I could to nip it before it became out of control. It did a very quick crescendo that DH said was the worst headache of his life. I The car became lodged between a rut and an ice dam and before I knew what happened, I went lurching backwards and took out the back fence and landed at the back edge of an antique stone wall. We ended up leaving the car where it was and DH's uncle took us to the hospital. After several hours of tests, it was ruled to indeed be a migraine. But it also revealed that DH had a very large growth in his head that needed further examination. We took the test results with us and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

The next morning, we packed up our broken up car with 10 days worth of laundry and life... attended his grandmothers funeral and luncheon and then headed back to our home. On the way, I called an ENT practice associated with another doctor's group we use and made an appointment for the next day. DH had an exam, was sent for further CT scan studies and we were scheduled to see the doctor in a week. DH headed back to work and was met head on by a true crap-storm led by the head of HR for being out for 10 days. They ended up having to involve his emergency vacation time and then 2 days of bereavement to cover all of the time we were gone. (She wasn't too happy about it and decided that he should pay... by taking a simple over site of not cleaning off a machine that he had scribbled on with glue from his finger... and had him walked out. After 2 weeks, she deemed that he was on suspension, thus voiding out his unemployment.

But let's back up to the doctor appointment... just after that doctor appointment and Ms. HR had DH walked out of the plant, she had the nerve to state that he was a danger to himself and/or others because of his "distracted state of bereavement". So she sent he home... which would have either put him on unemployment or on short term disability. Both of which ended up being denied because of Ms. HR. ... We did go back to see the doctor and he scheduled DH for surgery as he diagnosed a very large growth in the maxillary sinus cavity  and had to come out as it was large than a golf ball and filled over 90% of that cavity.

I will fast forward to the surgery being successful. The growth was determined to be a benign cyst. DH is still out of work and will be out a full 60 days before he goes back. Actually, it translates to him not working for most of the March, all of April and almost all of May. If we had not had all of the expenses incurred with going to Connecticut for 10 days, we'd likely be just fine. Things are pretty lean around here, meaning we've sold or are selling all that we can... and have cashed in some other things. We have a few projects we'd like to tackle... don't want to spend the funds right now. I sprained my ankle and foot while in Connecticut, and walked on it for 6 weeks. I finally went to see my Orthopaedic surgeon and he diagnosed it as a level 2 sprain "now" and put me in an air cast. It's been tough to remember to wear it, it's slowed me down somewhat more than usual. Thus, we have no garden area set up, we have no flowers acquired for the sitting area or any beds... nothing is hanging and no foo-foo has been placed as of yet.

If I have left anything out of great importance, I will try and update it. Please, I request your prayers for us... and I also humbly request prayer for a dear friend whose husband (and best friend) has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer... and they think it's been caught early enough.
Thank you for reading... please have a blessed day!


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