Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ouch! That was Dumb!

I did a not very smart thing this morning... I woke up for work after DH was already getting dressed for work in the guestroom where his closet is located. (Yup... I took all the closet space in our room.) I failed to turn on the light, relying on light coming in from the open door across the hall... and I walked directly into Punky's crate door. I managed to stab myself in my right knee pretty darn good. I have a lovely bruise and I am sore clear down to my toes.

I did make it to work today as I had an important conference call that I didn't want to miss. I took some "pain-away" medicine from our first aid kit and once it kicked in, I was talking and laughing a mile a minute. My call lasted about an hour and I stayed until lunchtime. I came home 3 hours early to elevate my knee and ice it. I will work tomorrow, but I think I will still be doing the elevate and ice thing while I make all my calls.

Thanks for reading...  be blessed!

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